Wiesbaden Biennale 2018

23 August - 02 September, 2018 3-9 PM
Group show at City Passage (Wiesbaden, Germany)
Curated by Maria M. Ludewig and Martin Hammer


In Wiesbaden Biennale, an art festival that takes place once in two years by two young curators Maria M. Ludewig and Martin Hammer with their team, a lot of large-scale theatrical performance and installation in an abandoned shopping mall in the center of Wiesbaden, a city renowned of hot springs.
Yosuke Amemiya and Tetsuya Umeda were invited to exhibit in the biennale, and were allocated a Chinese restaurant and a rooftop. Together with the local staff Theo Braun-Munzinger, they cleaned and did a creation, installation, and production that featured found objects, vegetation, and its environment over a one-month residency. The 11 days that were open to the public became an open-ended live installation with Regine Fürst, Patrick Trouet, Aiko Okamoto and some local people with using elements of light, sound, labor, water, and the transitioning of such factors.


Live installation

Concept, Realisation Tetsuya Umeda, Yosuke Amemiya
With Tetsuya Umeda, Yosuke Amemiya, Theo Braun-Munzinger, Regine Fürst, Patrick Trouet, Aiko Okamoto and locals
Management Yuki Tanaka

trailers (video from workshop, April 2018)

trailer1 from YosukeAmemiya on Vimeo.

trailer2 from YosukeAmemiya on Vimeo.