Ring Me Twice

7 Feb to 10 Mar, 2018
Solo Show at SNOW CONTEMPORARY (Tokyo, Japan)

Yosuke Amemiya has been creating this series from his early career. “Sometimes, my works can be more real than real apples, because real apples are more often shoddy than my works are. When the visitors go through a "real" experience at my exhibition, they usually see apples with ignorance but meaning, then after that, they find apples sold at the supermarket, they get chance to revive the first contemplation. My works of apples focus on the experience in which the doubt thrown on a reality of the world changes the appearance of the world in itself, like the domino effect. I prefer to question through my art, as opposed to questioning. I don't like using my work to answer political questions or call for action. Then I always try to arrange the situation in which I can treat the least toxic themes and let guests take back lightest bombs without noticing. ” We also anticipate how Amemiya land seeds of works softly on our daily lives. Please come and see our exhibition to enjoy Amemiya’s thoughts and processes.

Silent Opening Perty on 6 February 18'00-20'00

“On Alongsideness”
2012 - unfinished, charcoal on paper

2018 oil painting on wood, marble, life size

“Apple B&W”
2018 oil painting on wood, marble, stainless steel, life size