A Hole, and You / あ、あな、あなた

16 September - 11 November, 2018
Solo Show at ARTS ISOZAKI (Ibaraki, Japan)

The premiere of the exhibition in a gallery that opened in an abandoned building in front of Mito station, approximately 100 km north of Tokyo. Amemiya designed the facade/artwork in which he opened a hole to an old shutter, as well as its floor, and interior walls of the venue. This project became an exhibition and a renovation project of the site, featuring the artwork Apple and Hand, which was a sculpture and an actual hand. The gallery room had a lasting impression with a limited number of works, while it also became a site-specific exhibition, featuring a backyard with works that were not shown in the gallery, as well as the backside of the shutter.

"A Hole"/「あ、あな」
2018, hole

"Apple and Hand"
hand, marble, stainless steel, oil paint on wood

"Perfectly Ordinary Stones, Carried for 1,300 Years"
2014 - 3314, project

"Viewing Backyard"
2018, materials and tools left in backyard

"eloH A"/「あ、あな(実際の表記は鏡文字)」
2018, shutter