A Hole, and You / あ、あな、あなた

16 September - 11 November, 2018
Solo Show at ARTS ISOZAKI (Ibaraki, Japan)

The premier exhibition of a gallery that opened in an abandoned building in front of Mito station, approximately 100 km north of Tokyo. Amemiya designed the facade/artwork in which he opened a hole to an old shutter, as well as its floor, and interior walls of the venue. This project became an exhibition and renovation project of the site, featuring the artwork Apple and Hand, consisted of a sculpture and an actual hand. The gallery room had a solid impression with a limited number of works, while it also became a site-specific exhibition including a backyard with works that were not shown in the gallery, as well as the backside of the shutter.

"A Hole"/「あ、あな」
2018, hole

"Apple and Hand"
hand, marble, stainless steel, oil paint on wood

"Perfectly Ordinary Stones, Carried for 1,300 Years"
2014 - 3314, project

"Viewing Backyard"
2018, materials and tools left in backyard

"eloH A"/「あ、あな(実際の表記は鏡文字)」
2018, shutter