Installation for the exhibition "Human Gatherings"
The installation was in a Machiya (typical old Japanese house) -inspired environment with found-objects, such as electric fans, creepers, chairs, desks and art works, etc.

colored pencil on paper, 78 × 107cm ×2 pieces, magnet, white-boad, fixative, embroidery thread, etc.
"16 pieces from a charcoal dessin series 'On Alongsideness' assembled 322.5 pieces" charcoal on paper (78×107cm), frame, fixative, unfinished (2012-)

Exhibition: Human Gatherings (人の集い)
1-31 Oct, 2016
Curator: Mizuki Endo
Artists: Yosuke Amemiya, Katsuko Ishigaki, Pijin Neji, Yukari Motoyama, Rody Shimazaki

Hanarart-core (はならぁと こあ) (Japanese only)
In 2016, Hanarart invited Mizuki Endo as a curator for the annual exhibition, Hanarart-core was held with a local festival for scarecrow in the same time. He tried to focus on the existence of the human-being in the current time, by means of a weird situation where people and scarecrows see each other per se, noticing that people already became aware that scarecrows no longer have any certain roles nowadays. So the curator examined the appearance of a question "what is the role of the scarecrow, what is the role of art, and human-being, in the current society"


(c)Art Festival HANARART 2016

the sourse:

Digest video "Gathering(sketch)" by Yosuke Amemiya from YosukeAmemiya on Vimeo.