"That day, 28 Aug 2011"

the title has changed just after the day performed, to "On Alongsideness "

Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya
28 Aug, 2011 11:00 - 19:00 "8 hours show, performance×open studio×discussion at the same time/place"
proposer: Yosuke Amemiya

Participants: Satoru Aoyama, Yosuke Amemiya, Shigeo Anzaï, Tetsuya Umeda, O JUN, Ryo Sawayama, Masaya Chiba, Seiichi Tsuchiya

That day 28 Aug, 2011

I heard the series of exhibition at Tokyo Wonder Site has changed by the disaster caused by the earthquake. Then I got a request to do something.Needless to say, the disaster on 11 March, 2011 has given enormous damages for and/or to the people such as force to dispossess tremendous property and lives.The disaster made the Japanese people change their values, brought a fact to light, threw the people into despair, and showed a beam of hope at the same time. Again, it was so abominable, I strongly hope that it would never happen again. On the other hand, I can't stop my avid feeling, more of like zealous, because of the effect of the earthquake. I thought the effect, changing people's values, brought facts to light, threw the people into despair, and showed a narrow beam of hope at the same time, should be provided by an experience of art, not the disaster, that's why I wrote "jealousy" even if these words were strongly misleading.


"Is art necessary?" appeared to be very a trivial question to people after the disaster. I think it's kind of an unfair attitude because there was a non-existing type of the question, because the correct question should be "Is art important?".
Both words, necessary and important are sounds like similar in appearance but quite different. Especially after the disaster, people don't have any time to keep company with an insincere games or bored plume works.

Only involving in works which include putting their body as guarantee, knowing both the meaning of the questions "why do you make" and "why do you show it" will get common persuasiveness. Thus I asked some artists, art documentarist, critics, they exactly have the same attitude to share on the time of this event. I think all of them are supposed to be correct, but it should be more precise when this event comes to an end.

I hope you could find a new classification as not like painting, photograph, performance, sound art, sculpture, etc. If I succeed picking out "as posture of a painter in front of his/her work in the studio” , this show will start to run alongside with the present time including your life time. Then it could say that “a performance with a life" or "a performance is a life" also "a life is a performance".
I hope this event would help find a brand new map about your life / all of your works / the category in your thought.
Does someone want to look around the world with the "new map" in your hand?

Yosuke Amemiya

"That day, 28 Aug 2011" 「あの、2011年8月28日」30 x speed from YosukeAmemiya on Vimeo.