"Translator's High"

video installation
19min loop, synchronized lighting/sound system between the monitor and the space, various media.

9 September- 14 October, 2006

Following on from his last exhibit, "The World" (shown at Boice Planning in Autumn 2005, Mito Art Tower 2005-2006, BankART NYK Yokohama 2006), Yosuke Amemiya brings to the Yuka Sasahara gallery an installation piece featuring "reflective" videos. The exhibition involves a monitor showing footage of the installation space, placed inside the exhibition space itself. Thus, the audience watches video footage of the space in which they stand, creating a loop, or an alternate dimension of sorts. A reality within a reality... or fiction within fiction? The title "Translator's High" refers to the high that translators experience after being immersed in the act of translation for a long time. The word "translation" here not only refers to converting from one language to another; it also encompasses the act of "translating" information from the outside and internalizing within oneself.

Beware of !!!LOUD VOLUME !!! 音量注意!!! >>>>01:52

"Translator's High" Yosuke Amemiya from YosukeAmemiya on Vimeo.