"The World (ver. Yokohama)"

video installation
The video shot at the exhibition space during the preparation, the monitor has frame as like mirror, 26min loop, synchronized lighting/sound system between the monitor and the space, various stuff.

Exhibition: Appetite and Contemporary Art part2

24 February - 14 March, 2006

BankArt NYK studio.

As a continuation of last year's exhibition, BankART1929 is holding "Part 2 - Gourmet Food of the Same Origin." Part 1 was an attempt at using art as a way to understand the many thoughts and feelings which lie at the heart of a lifestyle centred on the culture of eating. Part 2 takes the concept of the previous exhibition and aims to expand on it.
In the high-ceilinged hall of BankART1929 in Yokohama, a "BankART Market" has been set up. This market will consist of installations by artists, architects and regular members of the public who have been invited to take part, as well as food stalls, art-related catering teams and an actual food shop.
Furthermore, as well using both BankART buildings, this show will spread out into the city. Artists will be collaborating with cafes and restaurants in the nearby Kannai/Kangai area, setting up works in the shops themselves. It is hoped that visitors will go around these places and get a sense of the rich culture of food and its relation to Yokohama's urban space. Accompanying this exhibition will be a catalogue which will also work as a map guiding you around these locations.

Yosuke Amemiya, Tatsumi Orimoto, Chelin, Nobuhiro Suda, Namaiki, Kengo KIto, Iichirou Tanka, Atelier Bow-Wow, Torafu, Akihiko Inoue, Naohiko Umewaka

The World (ver. Yokohama) 2006 Yosuke Amemiya from YosukeAmemiya on Vimeo.